Feminine Care Collection


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Collection 1 includes:

1 - 8 oz Feminine Wash
1 - 2 oz Vajuvenating Oil
1 - Feminine Wash Soap Bar

Collection 2 includes:

1 - 8 oz Feminine Wash
1 - 4 oz Vajuvenating Oil
1 - Feminine Wash Soap Bar


Feminine Wash

This herb-infused, mild blend of natural ingredients will have you feeling fresh, clean and confident. Care for your yoni with this natural, fragrance free, moisturizing wash. The herbs used during the infusion process lightly scent the blend of ingredients.

 Vajuvenating Oil

This combination of all natural oils will increase vaginal moisture and can be used as a natural lubricant. These all natural oils have been infused with a combination of natural herbs (listed below) geared toward rejuvenating your “sacred garden”.  These herbs have been planted and dried naturally, using no parabens or artificial additions and have not been through any chemical treatment.

Feminine Wash Soap Bars

Our herbal infused Feminine Wash (Yoni) Soap Bars include anti-inflammation ingredients that will help balance your pH as well as detox and clean your vagina. Prevent bacteria, yeast infections, and bad odors.